iGate, Inc. is a Broadband Service Provider headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and is the brainchild of Pastor Vernon L. Jackson. iGate, Inc. was established in 1998 to provide last‐mile broadband solutions utilizing standard copper cabling infrastructure installed across most communities.

iGate Services

Because of its broadband delivery capability, iGate provides the following suite of
applications through its strategic partnerships.

  • Telemedicine Applications Visual Communications Suite
  • Internet Protocol Television – IPTV
  • Over‐the‐Top Content Television –OTT
  • Voice Over IP –VOIP
  • Bundled Internet Access Services ‐ BIAS

Last Mile Technology

iGate’s BOCMFT technology drives very high speed bandwidth services over existing
copper infrastructures that is compatible to and interfaces with both fiber, broadband
over wireless solutions and other emerging broadband transport systems.

Improvment in bandwidth

Why Choose Us

  • Proven technology that improves bandwidth over the last mile
  • Industry leaders in reliability and uptime
  • Cost-effective solutions for small – Medium businesses

Our  Clients