Our Founder/CEO comes from the Telecommunications industry and has helped
design many of the systems being deployed today to serve wide areas of
communications. With over 40 years invested in the industry and having intimate
knowledge of the many challenges that affect the effective deployment of universal
broadband, the result was an easy and impactful transition to iGate, Inc.

iGate, Inc. is Broadband Service Provider headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky and is
the brainchild of Pastor Vernon L. Jackson. iGate’s technology services are primarily
based on last‐mile solutions with an emphasis on the utilization of standard copper
wiring infrastructure to deliver broadband services at rates of 240Mbps over 1 mile.

This is accomplished utilizing iGate’s patented Broadband Over Copper (BOC),‐
Metallic Fiber Modem (MFM) technology.

iGate also provides Broadband Over Power Line (BOPL) solutions and Ultra Broadband
Wireless Solutions to complement its last mile delivery methods.

Core of iGate’s Solution:

iGate’s MFM technology use a combination of low power signals, common‐mode
rejection and unique equalization cells to create electronic noise reduction while
boosting line speed and distances. Thus, crosstalk (interference between electrical signals
traveling in the same cable sheath on different wire pairs) and attenuation (degradation of
electrical signals) problems which plague other technologies are minimized when using
iGate’s BOC‐MFM transport technology